Our mission is to become the premier drywall company in the multi-family market.


Omega Drywall Company, Inc.  was incorporated in 1974 in Houston, Texas by
Gilbert Ortega/Owner, and continues today in the field of multi-family construction.

Gilbert has 45 years of professional experience in all phases of multi-family construction.

Omega Drywall Company prides itself in providing high quality service consistent with our client’s demands. Quality of workmanship, with special attention to details, is our hallmark. Safety is a key concern for our company, and we work hand in hand with our clients’ safety issues as well as implementing our own safety programs.

Our mission Our mission is to be the premier drywall company in the multi-family market. Our focus is to build lasting partnerships with general contractors/developers by delivering excellent performance within the schedules set by our clients.

We specialize in creating value through innovation and provide solutions to our clients’ needs by leveraging our competitive advantages in technology, people and operations.

A significant portion of our work is performed in Texas; however, we bid work throughout the United States.